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Goodbye Kit Carson

As part of the weird entanglement of life, (or is it just coincidence in a non-Newtonian quantum world? ) we submit the death of L.M. “Kit” Carson.

Yesterday we wandered to Paris, Texas in reporting the death of Oscar de la Renta. Today, we report the death of Carson who directed the acclaimed film “Paris, […]

Dancing and Dressing No More; Oscar de la Renta Dead at 82

Dead from cancer is Oscar Aristes Renta Fiallo, fashion designer and business mogul extraordinaire.

Born into a prominent Dominican Republic Spanish Family, de la Renta at age 16 moved to Spain to study art, but the fates had a different plan. His talent for sketching and design took him to the Paris designer scene (that’s […]

Please pass the Cream – Jack Bruce off the table at 71

So you’ve thought about taking up a musical instrument, and damn, the electric base lines laid down by classic rock bands just sends your nucleus accumben all aflutter. Well bucko, it’s not that easy. Thinking Stanley Clarke or maybe Les Claypool? Got your eye on a nice Rickenbacker? ODD asks you pause a moment and […]

Paul Revere, “The Madman of Rock and Roll”, exits at 76

If you remember rotary dial telephones, the Stonewall rebellion, women with wonderfully short skirts and men with capes and tunics, a fresh new comedy called “Gilligan’s Island”, black and white television, “goat” meant something other than a small, sometimes foul smelling, mammal, hair styled in very ODD ways, and watched disturbing things in the shower […]

Style Scott, reggae drummer, dead at 58

The news from Jamaica tells us that Style Scott (aka Lincoln Valentine Scott) has died at the young age of 58. Details are fuzzy, but Scott was apparently murdered. So far no arrests have been made in the case of Scott’s death.

Police discovered Scott’s body in his house after the 10pm hour. They were […]