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Style Scott, reggae drummer, dead at 58

The news from Jamaica tells us that Style Scott (aka Lincoln Valentine Scott) has died at the young age of 58.  Details are fuzzy, but Scott was apparently murdered.  So far no arrests have been made in the case of Scott’s death.

Police discovered Scott’s body in his house after the 10pm hour.  They were told that neighbors heard ‘explosions’ from the home prior to the police arrival.

Scott began his musical career sitting in on rehearsals and playing sessions in the 1970s while doing his stint in the Jamaican Defence Force.  In 1978 he joined up with bass player Errol ‘Flabba’ Holt leading to the formation of the Roots Radics band.  The band played with a wide variety of artists including Gregory Issacs and Bunny Wailer.

Scott’s more recent collaborations were with Adrian Sherwood in Dub Syndicate.

Just as a refresher – raggae evolved from calypso (not that person in the Disney movie).  Calypso was an early 20th century music coming out of Trinidad and Tobago.  Dub grew out of raggae originally by remixing known songs removing the vocals and pumping up the rhythm parts.

Dub Syndicate – Let The Spirit Rise – add some dub music to your collection today.

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