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Jerry Falwell Graduates

Posted in ODD Guests, Religion, Not One Of Us, Fish Wrap on May 15th, 2007

Leading U.S. television evangelist, The Rev. Jerry Falwell, collapsed and died Tuesday in his Lynchburg, Va., office. He was 73.

Falwell, recently added to the exhaulted locale of ODD’s On Deck circle, was found unresponsive after missing a morning appointment, Ron Godwin, the executive vice president of Liberty University was quoted as saying in the Lynchburg News & Advance.

Falwell lived in an impressive white house with a swimming pool when he was not traveling the world in a jet paid for by his followers. He had some wealthy supporters but his followers in Lynchburg were mainly working families. He apparently also never missed a meal.

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Moving Recommendations

Posted in ODD Blogs, Fish Wrap on February 2nd, 2007

Do you happen to have a move coming up? Is that big corporation relocating you? Well now just because we’ve an alert eye - the other one might best be described only as lecherous - we can now bring you Moving Recommendations.

It appears that social structure factors, such as the percentage of a state’s urban population, divorced residents, one-person households and unemployed residents, all help explain why some states are home to more male serial killers.

Mayhaps you’d like to avoid those states. Consider a transfer elsewhere then…South Dakota perhaps? Wyoming? New Mexico?

Oh, but there is more….also noted are cultural factors such as a high ratio of executions to homicides and classification as a southern state correlate nicely with a higher rate of serial killers.

Um, “classification as a southern state“? Egads.

Okay so maybe our subscription to Homicide Studies is a bit much, but once again we thought you needed to know these things.

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Fish Wrap

Posted in ODD Blogs, Not One Of Us, Fish Wrap on December 18th, 2006

Um, what? I keep banging my head, but I’m not getting anywhere.

News of the Weird as found in our local ODD newspaper (yes, we still partake of that quaint tradition whereby a real paper is delivered (mostly) into our ODD Galactic Empire HQ (see below) driveway): two clowns who trespassed onto railroad property and climbed onto a boxcar to check the view were severely burned by a 12,500 volt line also atop said boxcar. They sued of course claiming such was in no way their fault and that the railroads did not do enough to stop them from tresspassing. They won about $12M in compensatory damages and another $12M in punative damages. The Editors here conclude that the railroad did in fact err and should have turned the voltage all the way up.

The 'Dancing House' in Prague ODD Galactic HQ - aka the Dancing House in Prague.

And since we are in the way of scratching our collective heads and our Talking Heads we’d like you to consider these fine newspaper headlines.

File this under Wrap Up: Nude Christmas card photo perhaps?

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