Sometimes you have to come up for air.

Dead is David Bright, 49, underseas explorer of the Titanic, ironclad Monitor, and the Andrea Doria. The Andrea Doria sank in 200 feet of water off the coast of Nantucket (rhymes with….er….”bucket” 50 years ago. Bright had been exploring the wreck of the Italian luxury liner. When he surfaced, he experienced a cardiac arrest and died. Bends are suspected, but autopsy is scheduled.

We ODDfellows have just finished T.R.Pearson>’s first non-fiction book, “Seaworthy: Adrift with William Willis in the Golden Age of Rafting.” Pearson, whose latest novel, “Glad News of the Natural World” we ODDones enthusiastically ODDly recommend, usually writes of the mythical North Carolina town of Neely; however, his latest book is a hard by turn into a real life character, Will Willis, who solo rafted (a dog, a parrot, and a cunningly carnivorous cat don’t count) across the Atlantic and Pacific. Willis ate strange concoctions of starches, aspirin, and the occasional unlucky fish. He drank sea water, planned poorly, made up sea ditties, treated intermittent strangulated hernias by hauling himself up the main mast of his raft by the feet, and (amazingly, we think) maintainted his sanity. In the course of one crossing, he gutted out a perforated ulcer. How did he eventually die? Read the book.

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