“Ho! Ho! … He! He! … Ha! Ha! … Strange things are happening!”

The theme song of today’s ODDly Departed, Red (Aaron Chwatt) Buttons, could not be more appropriate for current circumstances. Israel and Hezbullah are lighting things up big time (although Israel, if it decides to do so, can definitely really light things up mega big time); the world’s largest collector of Daffy Duck comic books, who can enrich uranium, but can’t feed his people, barely makes 5’6’’ in 4” heels and a pompadour that might harbor small birds, and claims to shoot 35 under par golf (has he been playing with former President Clinton?), is burning a hole in the duodenum of George Bush; it’s business as usual in India—home of the original murder-suicide bomber; and, now you have the Dems saying they are going to take back at least one house of Congress by running on a platform of fiscal responsibility. Strange things are happening indeed. We ODDones are going back to bed and pull the covers over our head. You can read about Red Buttons here. He was a pretty cool guy who made (some of) our parents laugh. He finally got dinner.

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