Not Quite The Happy Ending - Suzanne Pleshette Dead At 70

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From the kids at RTE Entertainment is their obit version for Suzanne Pleshette. The husky-voiced star best known for her role as Bob Newhart’s sardonic wife on TV’s ‘The Bob Newhart Show’ has died at the young age of 70 of respiratory failure.

The Irish folks go on to say that dear Suzanne was often picked for roles because of her beauty and her throaty voice. “When I was four,” she told an interviewer in 1994, “I was answering the phone, and (the callers) thought I was my father. So I often got quirky roles because I was never the conventional ingénue.”

Ok so let’s end this on a happy note, eh what? Suzanne, according to TV Fodder, starred in one of the top 6 TV Happy Endings. True. True.

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Checkmate - Bobby Fischer Dead at 64

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Bobby Fischer hard at play

American chess grandmaster Bobby Fischer passed away Friday at a Reyjavik hospital at the age of 64. Fischer’s spokesman Gardar Sverrisson confirmed the chess genius’ death, but did not provide the cause of the death, although Fischer has been ill for some time.

Fischer is best know for beating world chess champion Boris Spassky of the Soviet Union in 1972. His victory occurred at the height of the Cold War. The chess matches were ironically held in Reyjavik, which led to Fischer being proclaimed the U.S. first world chess champion in over 100 years.

The chess prodigy was born in Chicago, raised in Brooklyn and became a U.S. chess champion at 14 and grandmaster at 15. You can try your skills using this Chess Grandmaster Game or at the Grand Master Corner if you are so inclined.

Bobby Fischer waves on his way out of Japan

Controversy hounded the American chess champion over the years. Fischer lost his title when he refused to defend it versus Anatoly Karpov of the Soviet Union. He became a recluse afterward and was only heard whenever he made political statements, centered on anti-Semitism.

In 1992 Fischer reemerged by wining an exhibition match against Spassky at Sveti Stefan, a resort island in Yugoslavia. But he violated an international sanction to punish then Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic. He became wanted in the U.S. for violation of the sanction, renounced his American citizenship and was naturalized by Iceland in 2005 to avoid deportation to the U.S.

Before he moved to Iceland, Fischer lived undetected for several years in Japan.

If you are thinking about a pilgrimage perhaps stop in at Travel Iceland - “…not only closer than you think, but far different than you ever imagined.” Or maybe you should read through the Iceland forum over at the ODD friend Trip Advisor.

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Lady Bird Graduates

Posted in ODD Guests, History, Politicos on July 19th, 2007

Lady Bird Johnson March 18, 2002 file photo

We suppose that having played Pomp and Circumstance for the Rev. Jerry why then shouldn’t we offer up the same for on-Decker Lady Bird Johnson?

And here is an interesting snippet from Marianne Means via the Seattle PI:

“I thought she was terrific, and always will. Just imagine abruptly coming onto the national stage sandwiched between Jackie Kennedy, the most elegant first lady of our time — 17 years younger and prettier, to boot — and an emotional, complicated president baffled by a strange foreign war not of his making that he could not control.”

Perhaps President Johnson’s bafflement with the Vietnam war was just too close to home for President Bush and his daddy. Thus instead of attending Lady Bird’s memorial, they chickened out and stayed home sending their wives where they themselves feared to tread.

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